The walls are closing in

No matter how many times I close my eyes to open them again

The room is upside down and spinning

I’m in an unfamiliar place

Smells I don’t recognize

Sounds I have never heard

There’s always distant screaming

The floor is gone from beneath me

Yet I am floating

My body doesn’t feel like mine

What is this thing I am holding

Who is this person I see

My mind is unfolding

What it’s like in and out



This house wife

No amount of make up will hide the demons that scour my face.

No amount of hair products will contain the demons trying to escape.

No matter the lighting, I hate my face.

No matter the outfit, my body I hate.

But your loving embrace, and heat of passion tear it all away.

In your arms, I am safe. I am free.

I am beautiful, I am sexy.

The only one I can be fully nude, body, mind, soul.

With you

This house wife is whole.

Lorna and the secret forest

The wind blew through her soft, messy curls. A white silky dress puffed up to show her muddy bare feet. She had been running through the forest almost all night trying to find the spot her ancestors told her about in her dreams.
She had just turned twenty one. Everything she was ever told she took as a story. A betime routine. She never thought it would actually happen. But her she was, drawing circles in the dirt and lining them with sunflowers and moon flowers to ignite a door so her magic could come through.
This is not how she thought her night would go. She was out celebrating with her family. She thought it would finally be a normal night, but as usual the stories came up once again. About how the family comes from a long line of magic. How they came to be. Where it came from. Just nonsense to Lorna. Then something strange happened. These…creature like figures appeared right over the dinner table. They began chanting and the next thing Lorna knew, she was outside in the forest hearing voices telling her which way to go.
“There, seven circles.” She said laying the last flowers down. Once they touched the circle, the ground lit up.


I have been writing since I could remember. Sound familiar? My parents would not and go “mhm dear” to every story I would tell. When I was around 5 or 6 years old, I finally asked for a notebook to keep my stories with me.

Now, growing up I was pushed towards college. It was ALWAYS “if you don’t get a degree, you won’t have anything in life.” Well, jokes on them because I went to college and had to quit because of a brain injury in high school. Now, I tried to keep going but my memory just wouldn’t allow it. I’m okay. It hinders me, but I’m pushing through.

If anything, it has pushed me to go for what I really wanted. What I always wanted.

To be a writer. A story teller. A creator. And I did it. Multiple times.

But that wasn’t good enough.

“You have to be published. It’s nothing if you’re not published.”

Oh, my bad. Didn’t know you the struggles when it comes to writing and all the check lists, drafts, querying, etc that comes with it. *Eye roll*

That didn’t stop me though. I put every category as a milestone. Done plotting? Milestone. Chapter X done? Milestone. On the third rough draft? MILESTONE.

These past two years I have really been chasing this dream. With the help of my husband a couple of friends, and an AMAZING writing community on Twitter. (Y’all should definitely follow @OwenGRichardsld, @alexischateau_, @RebeccaRPierce, just to name a few).

I’ve been on a line of doing either traditional publishing or self publishing. I couldn’t choose, so I’m trying both. I’ve been querying for the last year and a half (yes family/friends it DOES take that long for some). I enjoy it. No really. I do. It makes me feel like I am a writer. Like I have my life together and am in the road to my forever dream.

And while I was doing and still am doing that, I tried self publishing. I have researched KDP and Ingram spark. BOTH are good and are easy to manage (as long as you know what to do. I’ll admit I had issues, which is why I’ll forever love the writing community for all of it’s help.) After a couple of months I chose KDP for my poetry collection.


I have officially published something I have written. Something I have out my heart and soul into. I have a finger on the door I thought would never be open. Sure, it’s self published, but that is okay. Lots of amazing books by great writers have been.

I’m accomplished. I’m over the moon. I have reached a milestone and no one is taking that from me.

Write on, yall.

#indieauthor #writer

Here is my poem collection if anyone is interested in it. Paper back coming soon.

A Soul’s Hope: Within My Mind https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MXRXZGH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_UgKrCbWP03X50

1/365 days of love

I still get excited when I hear your voice.

The warmth of your breath against my neck still makes the floor sway beneath my feet.

Your hands have changed over time, but the touch is all the same.

Your eyes still sparkle like the nigh time sky.

My heart still races when I see you in the morning light.

The love you give continues to light my soul.

How lucky are we to be able to click, to communicate, to love, to live our life as one.

Home when art thou

I don’t have a home.

No place to run to when things go wrong.

No corner to press my back as the tears sting my eyes.

No favorite spot on a couch to snooze when my head hurts.

I don’t have a home

Where I am free to breathe or let my mind roam.

I don’t have a special place to go at the end of each day

To unwind, relax, or play

I don’t have a home

Where Peace should be

Where love can grow

I don’t have a home


The struggle gets hard

And I try even harder.

My child, my husband, my furry pets are what I can go to.

But I don’t want to burden them.

They love me; I love them very much, too.


I don’t have a home where I once grew

I don’t have a home here now

My home, where art thou?

(About the stressful environment when living with family).

Hope everyone’s year is going well. Glad to be posting again. Much love and many words to my fellow writers. ❤️

To Be A Cloud

I wonder what it would be like to be a cloud.

To float around, never to mess up.

Even though some get mad about the water that falls.

There’s still so many that love the rain.

And what is it like to be with that beautiful blue sky?

To be a part of the stars.

To help them play peek-a-boo

And what of morphing into all sorts of shapes?

Change myself daily to bring such smiles.

To be free, with the wind, the sun, the rain.

To be light and forever there.

To be a cloud.

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