This is my first blog (unless any of you were to count Tumblr). Not sure what to say or do, so here goes!

A little about me: I am a writer (nothing published as of yet). The genres I write are Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thrillers, Poetry, and children’s. I don’t particularly write eroticas or romance because I can’t take myself seriously if I was ever to write “and with one thrust, I fell in love”. Though, in the future I just might put my big girl panties on and give it a try.  I’ve been writing since about 7 years old. Started with short stories and poems. My first novel has taken me 6 years, so far, to complete.

I am 22 years old, a mother, a wife, and a writer. My other hobbies include photography, crochet, sewing, and knitting.

I have a twitter, you are welcome to follow @Ann_Auteur95

And a Tumblr to check out some of my material @ Beautifulwriter18.tumblr.com

I’ll start with Poems I believe need to be shared.

Hope you all enjoy my blog!




No hero

I don’t want to save the whole world.
I want to save one person.
To show compassion.
To start the chain reaction
Not to do it alone
But be the first domino to fall
The first flower to bloom
The let that garden grow.

It takes a village.


Where has compassion gone?
Are there no good man left?
Where has the kindness ran off?
Is there a secret box it’s all being kept?
Where are the open arms?
And the helping hands?
Why is everyone contempt with sitting?
Do we no longer stand?
When did love become a weakness?
And silence become a strength?
Are we all willing to drown
For sake of pride?
And to hide…
And what is pride now?
What of that?
When you know you’re wrong
But say you’re right?
Where has humanity taken another awful turn?
Has everyone forgotten history?
Did those pages read not been turn?
Or will we burn.
Because of what we choose instead.
To be entitled, bratty, and Calling for everyone’s head.
Is that what humans are?
What use are we?
If we can’t be smart
Then what should we be?
Where has the compassion gone?
Was it ever there?
How do we as a whole, wake up and just not care?
Because”it doesn’t effect you”
You’re wrong there.
Where will we finally listen to history?
When will we finally learn?
After misery?
Before we burn?
Find the compassion
The kindness
The understanding
The love.
Because if we don’t
We’re useless
And will never rise above.
Where? When? Who?

Little things..

It’s the little things in life that being such beauty and love.

Such as a quick kiss, ” drive safe” going to the store.

Such as cuddles in the afternoon with your little family though you have loads of laundry to do.

Such as a small sticker because your little one wanted you to have one too.

It’s the little things that seem routine, that being happiness to me.

Take me back to days full of innocence.
Days where I didn’t know what true monsters were. Days where I wasn’t confused, when I knew who I truly was.
Take me back to fun times full of bubblegum, cotton candy, and balloons.
Take me back to when I was safe and didn’t feel violated.
Take me back…


Meet Bulzor! The Gem Dragon.

Story time!
My two year old has been super cranky (teething, yay!) Last night he couldn’t get to sleep no matter what I did or say or read. So, I turned the lights off in attempt to settle him down. Nope. Still crying. So I go, “Would you like me to tell you a story?” And he goes in his smal, cute (very loud) whisper, “YES MAMA!”
Y’all, I’m hyped. I haven’t done that yet (surprisingly considering it’s what I’m doing for a career). And y’all, I’ve never seen a toddler so engaged. Not even mine and I read to him constantly.
I told him of a dragon named Bulzor. And how he has to find the lost city of Gem Dragons.
I say, “Bulzor was sad because he became lost!”
My son: “uh oh!”
Me: “Bulzor found a map! He’s going to be home. Right?”
My son: “RIGHT!”
y’all I’ve never been more proud to be his mama. I cherish moments like these. Before him, I never thought to create something for [small] children.
I usually right magic, thrillers, murder, horror, etc. But THIS child has shown me so many worlds to create and I’m soaking it all in.
So, everyone, meet Bulzor, the Gem Dragon.
First time doing dragons. I’ve got a bit to go and learning to do, but the littles loves him already. 💜
#Bulzor #10minutestories #PB #adragon

What makes me a “good” mother?

I’ve been a mama for two years (and some change) now. My little boy is a 50/50 mix of his dad and I. This child has absolutely no fear. Sees a pool? Let’s jump in! Sees a weird looking bug mama doesn’t know about? TOUCH IT! Dropped food on the floor? Still mine. Period.
I’m not that helicopter parent, though I was honestly going to be. (Not knocking those who are. I can understand why).
My pregnancy was complete horror. ER trips, being told constantly to “be careful or the baby could die. And so could you.” Doctor appointments 4 times a week.
Being told he is going to die and I can’t breastfeed two hours after giving birth
It wasn’t the sunshine and rainbows people tell you about. Though I’m sure many still experience it (thankfully!)
During my pregnancy I was torn between letting this child be the free kicking spirit he has been in womb or keep him under radar for the rest of his life because I was made to be so damn terrified.
It took a few weeks ( a year if we’re honest here) for me to release my grip on him.
I let him be that free spirit he was obviously destined to be. He has zero patience. It’s a “I’ll figure it out no matter how many times I fall!” Mentality. He doesn’t slow down at all. He chooses the hard way to do things. He doesn’t take a break from anything. And honestly, I’m ok with that. Even when he falls flat on his face and I’m over there sounding like a seal as I gasp. Even when he shows me the 100th boo boo he awarded himself with today and asks me for the thousandth time to kiss it. I’m okay with his unruly nature because with it, he learns. He makes his mistakes (that both his father and I warned him about but does it anyway) and learns from it. That’s who he is. And I absolutely adore it. Is it a headache? Oh, sure. Do I worry about Nancy across the street because he has bruises? Oh hell yes. Especially in a world like today.
But I’m not going to stop him. We discipline him. We make him stop. We tell him no. But he keeps pushing. And I’m proud of that. I hope he keeps that drive throughout his entire life. I hope he chooses the hard ways to challenge himself. I hope he keeps trying even though he fails.
That’s fine by me because he’s no quitter. And that’s what we (his father and I) were hoping to teach him.
He’ll learn patience in time. I know that. He will begin to fear as all humans do. And we will be there.
We are doing our very best to raise him right. To be kind, loving and understanding. To know when to stand up and speak. To know what is right and what is wrong. To have morals. To know his strengths and weaknesses. All the works.
But that doesn’t make us great parents.
So, what does?

I was sitting outside with my little dinosaur blowing bubbles and listening to him tell me everything he sees in his sweet little voice when I had a thought, “am I a good mom?”
He’s talking. He’s healthy. He has manners. We’re teaching him everything we’re supposed to. But am I a good mother?
Society has such high standards for it.
Your child has to look and sound a certain way and so do you, to be that “golden parent”.
And bless our hearts, we don’t look the part.
We’re tatted. My husband has long hair. Mine has been died purple. My son’s curls are a mess 50% of the time. (People with curls would understand. Mine is messy most of the time. It’s taken care of, just wild.) My son has even said a curse word at two years old. So, this little family won’t fit into that little mold.
And that’s ok.
Because we are trying.
We try to teach him every opportunity we get.
We do the abcs and one, two, threes. We do colors, shapes, you name it.
But we also teach him about life. As best as we can considering he’s two. But this child seems to understand so well that sometimes we can’t keep up.
So what makes me a good mother?
I’m trying.

I fail, I try, I fail, I try. And I keep repeating until successful.

Because that’s all we as mothers and fathers can ever really do.
Keeping our little ones healthy and loved as we try to show them everything and anything, is what makes us good.
Keep trying and we will succeed for them, for us.

If you’re interested in publishing a book, this one’s for you!

Very insightful. A good read! Thanks for posting!

Putting My Feet in the Dirt


Hello, fellow bloggers and writers of all kinds,

I am addressing this post to all of you because I do believe the following information will prove to be quite useful to the majority of you.  I am a self-published author and published my first book through CreateSpace and KDP this year.

I began my writing journey just three years ago with a blog I created here on WordPress.  Before I started blogging, I began keeping a daily journal of my writings, and after awhile I decided to start sharing what I had written.  Those original journal entries were a great start, and I ended up really enjoying my first year of blogging.

Several months into blogging though, I found out that WP offered some writing classes, which can still be found at; The WordPress Daily Post.  After taking the introductory course in poetry, I started to feel like that was…

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Finished product: Good Morning Nature

It’s finally finished! Not my best. A little rusty after taking a looooong break from painting but, I adore it. “Imperfections are just as beautiful”.

Hoping to start another thats for my son’s birthday! It’s a raptor on a tractor followed by a pup!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their year.

Life gets crazy but let’s keep pushing through together!

Hope y’all enjoyed this. I apologise for such a long pause in between.